The Breede River is a remarkably prolific fisherman’s paradise which has withstood the depredation caused by mans exploitation of inshore species in our seas far better than the ocean itself and many other estuaries.

Those of us who have enjoyed a lifetime of fishing here are extremely anxious that this should continue for our children and generations to come.For this reason we welcome the new Legislation in the form of the Integrated Coastal Management Act, and its application.

In the case of our river, this includes the conversion of the existing Lower Breede River Conservancy who have served the river so well for many years, into the Breede River Management Authority, guided by a Forum known as the Breede River Estuary Advisory Forum. We at the Lodge support their principles without reservation and align ourselves to the charter espoused by the very popular TV fishing programme Extreme Sports Angling (ESA).

This is a remarkable river, which includes many of the temperate water species as well as an increasing number of semi-tropical visitors. It is mistakenly believed to be the breeding ground of many fish, but other than a few primary domiciled river specific species such as Gobies and weed fish, no breeding actually occurs in the system at all.

However, what it is – is a nursery area, and an extremely important one at that, nurturing the young of dozens of off shore reef species as well as all sizes of estuarine specific species.
Is it over – fished? Almost certainly, but not as seriously as most other similar environments, probably because of its size. It is a remarkable recreational environment that deserves to be nurtured with all the care and caution that we can muster.

The Fish to Catch
Various less well known smaller species encountered in the river include White Mussel cracker (Silver Steenbras), Blacktail (Dassie), Bellman (Baardman),Zebra Fish (Wildeperd), White Stumpnose , Triple Tail, Moonies, Springer (member of the Tarpon family), Mullet (Harder), Cat Face Rock Cod, Spotted Gulley Sharks, various rays, including the electric ray, Sand Sharks, Skates, Eels, Hag Fish (Seeslang), Sand Streenbras, Karanteen (Streepie), to name a few.