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The Lodge is very fortunate to enjoy the privilege of its own harbour, though shallow at low tide, needing engines to be lifted or tilted to avoid prop damage, it is for the rest an entirely safe mooring facility where your boat can be left continuously in the water.

We provide the service of launching, retrieving, cleaning, storing and general maintenance at a nominal cost.
What could be better than to get out of bed, take ten steps from our river front rooms and jump in your boat for an early morning fishing trip before your eyes are really even open properly ?

The Lodge offers a comprehensive charter service both for fishing and other excursions. There is nothing nicer than hiring our river cruiser on a perfect summer’s day, cruising slowly up the river and enjoying the scenery, at the same time as having a specially prepared scrumptious picnic onboard with all the trimmings.

Maybe bird watching is your hobby, and the collection of birds in our valley, both river, sea and terrestrial based, is quite extraordinary. If you are into eco-tourism and particularly water flora, our river banks are rich in terms of all sorts of species amongst the reed beds and even underwater eelgrass beds.
There are dozens of types of salt marsh flora, and then as one leaves the riverbanks the coastline is one of the richest in the world for what today is internationally known as Fynbos. Towards the mountains the Renosterveld is another floral system specific to this area.

Trips can be arranged not only up the river, but also into neighbouring reserves as detailed under our excursion section. Then there is the fishing both in the river and at sea. We will help you obtain a license for your own boat, assuming you bring it with you, and will attend to its maintenance, cleanliness and safety in our harbour whilst you are here.

Alternatively we have several boats for charter, these include two small vessels powered with outboards under 15Hp so that you do not need a marine authority issued ticket to enable you to skipper a boat on the river.
We also have larger vessels of 60Hp that you may either charter with a skipper and gilly, or, providing you can prove your competence to us in the form of a valid ticket, you may operate it yourself.

You may take your own boat to sea providing it is equipped with the necessary safety gear, and carries two outboards, and, in our opinion, is sea-worthy enough for the passage through the bar and to the open sea.

Nobody should pass through the river mouth, which can be extremely dangerous at times, if you have not had a certain amount of training and experience of it. We can however also charter you a vessel together with a highly qualified and experienced skipper to go to sea, whether it is to see the natural marine life or to fish.

To book a charter or enquire about rates, go to