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Please be aware that road works are taking place between Riviersondend and Swellendam.

Business will continue as usual.

Hope to see you soon.

Thank you for understanding.


The Whales Are Back in Witsand

The Whales Are Back in Witsand – Also known as the Whale Nursery of South Africa, with the largest concentration of Southern Right whales who return here annually between July and November to mate and calve, Witsand is the most popular destination in Hessequa when it comes to viewing these giants of the ocean. In 2013 there were 82 calves born, and a total of 185 whales counted by means of an aerial survey in San Sebastian Bay. No licenses are given for boat based whale watching in order to preserve the ecosystem, and various lookout points are situated on the shore. They can also easily be spotted from the shore in the coastal towns of Jongensfontein, Stilbaai and Gouritsmond.

The Southern Right Whale, which you are most like to see, can grow up to 18 metres and the adults weighs on average 41 oookg. It’s stocky body is black, with the occasional white markings along the back and underside. It has neither dorsal fin nor any ridge along the back. They normally produce one young after a gestation period of 12 months; it measures five to six metres at birth and they are born tail first. It was judged as the ‘right’ whale to catch because it is rich in oil and floats when killed. Today however, it’s simply the ‘right’ whale to see as they come so close to shore, and they’ve been listed as international protected species since 1935. The whale can easily be recognised by its V-shaped ‘blow’ and the callosities on or around its huge head which are outgrowths of tough skin and form different patterns on each individual whale.

Witsand Article in “Weg” Magazine

Op Witsand is daar een ding wat almal doen, of jy nou die koerant by die kafee gaan koop of iemand by die sleephelling groet: Jy maak geselsies oor die weer. Veral oor die wind, en die rigting waaruit hy waai. In die somer is die suidoostewind ’n pyn in die watsenaam. Hy storm rivierop van die see se kant af, sit duine dóér neer en waai bankies langs die strand toe, en sorg vir ’n grinterigheid tussen jou tande.

In die winter swaai hy om en bring koue en nat van die berge in die binneland af, daar waar die rivier ontspring. Maar af en toe – as jy gelukkig is – bedaar die wind. Dan lê die Breërivier soos ’n spieël waarop wolke verbygly. Dan is dit só stil jy kan amper die walvisse in San Sebastianbaai hoor snork.

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Witsand Accommodation

Imagine stepping out of your bed onto your private balcony, gazing out at the unspoilt splendor of the Breede River and Indian Ocean. Well you can ! Welcome to the Breede River Lodge and Fishing Resort in Witsand, Western Cape, offering the best in Witsand Accommodation.

The Breede River Lodge and Fishing Resort caters both for the local family traveler and the international traveler who would like to see a part of the real South Africa. There is a variety of top class accommodation at the hotel with various options from a fully serviced hotel room to a fully self-catering unit. All our Witsand Accommodation comes with colour television and a variety of satellite channels.

We are situated in an area rich in its historical past and hugely conscious of its natural heritage and eco-sensitive surroundings.

We offer a wide range of excursions and activities activities, wine routes, 4×4 eco trails, historical tours and visits to surrounding game farms, the De Hoop nature reserve, various “fynbos and protea” dune and coastal floral reserves.

The Lodge not only has its own private harbor but also has boats to hire with or without experienced skippers available for fishing trips as well as various scenic cruises. The river, sea and coastal fishing are excellent in this area.

For the best in Witsand Accommodation, come and stay at the Breede River Lodge and Fishing Resort.

Check out our online availability and booking here…

Stand Up Paddle Surfing and Boarding in Witsand

Stand up paddle surfing (SUP), stand up paddle boarding, or in the Hawaiian language Hoe he’e nalu, is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. The sport is a recent form of surfing, and has emerged as a way for surfers to paddle longer distances.

The sport of stand up paddle boarding has, in less than ten years, spread from surf beaches to nearly ever other type of watercourse. Races are held on lakes, large rivers and canals; paddlers navigate river rapids and ride standing waves that are common therein; gliding is the practice of covering long distances along sea coasts, often using tail winds to aid the trip.

The pristine Breede River offers itself as a world class playground for water sports enthusiasts young and old. We are on the waters’ edge overlooking the private harbour from where our adventure centre operates. We offer Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle surfing and boarding with full boat support. Fishing charters and boat cruises are also offered on premises.

To find out more about Stand Up Paddle Surfing and Boarding in Witsand, contact us now.

Red Bull King of the Air 2014

Kevin Langeree owned the skies above Big Bay in Cape Town to walk away as Red Bull King of the Air!

Kevin Langeree (Holland) owned the skies above Big Bay in Cape Town on Sunday 2 February to walk away with the crown as Red Bull King of the Air for 2014.

Langeree bettered countrymen Ruben Lenten (second) and Steven Akkersdijk (third) in the closely-fought final in front of a 12 000-strong crowd.

That was the climax, no doubt, but thanks to the unique ‘flag-out’ format, the action was hot and high from heat one.

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