Bird watching


The Breede River is well known for it’s bird life. It is a sanctuary for a wide variety of birds ranging from the Fish Eagle to Sugarbirds. Over 200 species have been identified along the Breede River.

Boat trips

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The Lodge is very fortunate to enjoy the privilege of its own harbour, though shallow at low tide, needing engines to be lifted or tilted to avoid prop damage, it is for the rest an entirely safe mooring facility where your boat can be left continuously in the water.

We provide the service of launching, retrieving, cleaning, storing and general maintenance at a nominal cost.
What could be better than to get out of bed, take ten steps from our river front rooms and jump in your boat for an early morning fishing trip before your eyes are really even open properly ?

The Lodge offers a comprehensive charter service both for fishing and other excursions. There is nothing nicer than hiring our river cruiser on a perfect summer’s day, cruising slowly up the river and enjoying the scenery, at the same time as having a specially prepared scrumptious picnic onboard with all the trimmings.



The Breede River is a remarkably prolific fisherman’s paradise which has withstood the depredation caused by mans exploitation of inshore species in our seas far better than the ocean itself and many other estuaries.

Those of us who have enjoyed a lifetime of fishing here are extremely anxious that this should continue for our children and generations to come.For this reason we welcome the new Legislation in the form of the Integrated Coastal Management Act, and its application.

Kite surfing


Kitesurfing in Witsand is rated one of the the top uncrowded kite surfing destinations in South Africa.
The onshore South Easter is the prevailing wind that blows in from the ocean during the summer.

The lagoon is always perfectly flat on the near side, and you can ride very close to the edge of the lagoon. The Westerly wind is also rideable during the winter months.

Stand up paddling


Stand Up Paddleboarding has arrived and is the newest craze for fitness and fun in the sun. Stand Up Paddling, or SUP for short, is now seen around most of Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands! But it’s not just about surfing, it’s a whole lot more! Lakes, rivers, flat seas, and almost any body of water are now being SUP’ed by anyone looking for fitness and fun!

Stand Up Paddling is easy



Witsand has the largest concentration of Southern Right Whales on the South African coast, growing at an annual rate of 7%. The official whale count done from a helicopter in October 2002 revealed 117 adults and 49 calves in St Sebastian Bay. On a good day up to 50 are visible from the shore. The Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) was given this name because they live in the Southern Hemisphere and at the time was the ‘right’ Whale to hunt because they floated when killed.

Local Excursions


Scenic Drive ( 2-3 hours )
A local trip around the area, including the famous hand drawn pont at Malgas.
See the two churches in the area that were built in the 1800’s as well as other places of interest.

Furthermore a 50km stretch of coastline, off the De Hoop Infanta peninsula, is a fully closed Marine Reserve where not even recreational fishing may take place. The coastline and the adjacent dunes and hills are home to the largest known collection of dune and Protea vegetation on this planet, known colloquially as the “Cape Fynbos”.